Hello everyone,

Here are the announcements for this week,


  1. We did really good at the tournament on Sunday. Below is recap of what we accomplished:

Here is how we came out compared to the other schools:

Congratulations to all of our competitors!!!

2. The next tournament that well attend as a team will be next month. Here is the link to register: https://www.dreambjj.com/march-31-kids-gi

3. The tournaments that we promote at our academy will always be attended by coaches and extra attention is given to tournament preparation leading up to the event. If adult students or parents take it upon themselves to register for a tournament that has not been promoted at our academy there may or may not be coaches available that day.

4. Here is this weeks Lost and Found. These items will be kept for 1 week only.

5. I was able to get a really good deal on some great quality kid’s gis. I have grey Deus Gis with Carlson Gracie Wine Country patches already sewn on for $60. I have a few of each size but they will go quick. Please see Grace to pick one up!¬†

that’s all for now, Coach Gene