Hello everyone, here are this week’s announcements:


  1. 2nd Anniversary Picnic this Saturday 04/13/2019 at Wolf Creek Park in Temecula. We need you to bring a side dish, drinks or desserts. Here is the sign up sheet. Please read!
  2. Due to the above mentioned picnic there will be NO CLASSES on Saturday April 13th.
  3. For parents of students in our kid’s program, the structure of the kid’s classes for the 7 and over is as follows:
  • Monday and Tuesday we teach the technique of the week. We go into great detail these two days making sure the students understand how to do the technique without resistance or very little resistance.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are spent drilling the technique with increased levels of resistance.
  • By Saturday morning the students should become moderately proficient at performing the techniques with full resistance

So, as you can see, based on this method, if your child shows up for class one day a week or doesn’t come until Wednesday or Thursday they are at a big disadvantage. We want your kids to learn Jiu Jitsu and I have found that this is the best structure for that to happen. Having said this, I also understand that some family schedules prevent a student from coming on a Monday or Tuesday. In this case the coaches will do the best they can to help your child but we are somewhat limited.

The kids that you see on the mat that appear to be excelling are most likely training 3-5 days per week.


4. For our adult white belts, this is a great video that I came across:¬†https://youtu.be/i2FYfzZaME0¬† Don’t be that guy!!

See you on the mat soon!! Coach Gene