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When it comes to Jiu Jitsu, nothing compares to Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . Not convinced? Come check us out and see for yourself!

Carlson Gracie Wine Country

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Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers the perfect balance between a competitive atmosphere and an inviting environment. We welcome you to experience our culture rooted in positivity and hard work. Our students don’t join us just to become strong, skilled martial artists, but also to be with the friends they’ve made on the mats. Join Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Temecula, California to experience camaraderie like never before.

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  • The nicest and cleanest gym I've seen yet...lots of classes ranging from kids classes to adult classes.

    Joe C.

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  • I came in from out of town and asked if I could join a session and they were very welcoming and the gym itself had a lovely atmosphere.

    Shaun K.

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  • CGWC were great hosts and it was a pleasure training there. The instruction was excellent.

    Blair B.


  • Carlson Gracie Wine Country is a great school if you are looking for a place to train.

    Alex L.

    Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • The kids class looked legit with emphasis on technique, even at the end where most gyms spiral into a game. The kids were focused and engaged to the end.

    Daniel A.

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  • The environment is free of ego and the students here adopt the same culture of iron sharpening iron.

    Micah G.

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Learn More About Us:

About Us:

Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is dedicated to all students and their individual goals. Whether you aspire to be a champion on the mats, redefine yourself, build self confidence, or learn to defend yourself, our tailored instruction ensures success for every individual. Regardless of your experience, skill level, or age, you’ll find a home in the Carlson Gracie family. Our goal is for you to become confident in your skills on and off the mat and be able to translate your Jiu Jitsu training to your daily life.

We cater our instruction to each student to craft successful competitors. Our coach to student ratio allows for a personalized training program and attentive teaching. You are not just a number at Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Our History:

Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was founded in January 2017. Asa and Sal functioned as partial owners throughout the entirety of 2022, transitioning to become the sole proprietors in January 2023. Sal has been actively instructing at the academy since its inception and Asa joined them in March of 2021, and when presented with the opportunity to assume ownership and preserve its core values they worked diligently to make that happen. They are both dedicated to upholding the principles of the school, aiming to serve the community, foster positivity, and deliver top-tier martial arts training. Asa and Sal remain committed to living and teaching with passion, witnessing the collective growth of his Jiu Jitsu family and passing on invaluable lessons to the succeeding generation.


While you may have many Jiu Jitsu schools to choose from, we have no doubt that Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is in a league of its own. Don’t believe us? Here’s why:

  • Family

    Carlson Gracie Wine Country Brazilian Jiu Jitsu builds camaraderie through competition. We uplift each other to be the best individuals we can be.
  • Safe

    We look out for our community. We have each other’s backs during training and outside of the academy.
  • Modern

    We have adapted our BJJ instruction to incorporate modern techniques while still valuing traditional discipline.
  • Confidence

    We build athletes who can protect themselves and those around them. You can live life more comfortably with the techniques and skills you gain at CGWC
  • Strength

    Training and regular exercise helps your body stay in peak condition. You’ll notice improvements in agility, stamina, and overall fitness.