Would you like to try a free one week trial?

Simply send us a text message at (951) 795-4981 and let us know when you are planning on starting your 1 week free trial. Come to class 15 minutes early so we can fit you in a loaner gi. Bring drinking water and flip flops (if you have them) Come to as many classes In a seven day period at no cost.

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program

The Adult Brazilian Jiu jitsu  program offers classes for beginners through advanced students.  You will start out with fundamental defense, escapes, and submission techniques from varying positions along with counters to each of the techniques.

Intermediate and advanced students will build upon the beginner curriculum and apply transitions to smooth their flow from one position to another with the goal of obtaining “dominant” control of the opponent to apply a submission technique. Advanced techniques like “sweeps” and “take-downs” are practiced along with the counters. We also encourage our students to compete in local BJJ Tournaments if they are interested.

Kid’s Jiu Jitsu Program

We Have two Age Groups

Ages 4-6

Our littles Jiu Jitsu program is designed to be fun and fast paced for the young student.  Each hour long class will consist of movement, strength and flexibility drills to develop motor skills necessary for the martial art.  We also introduce basic Jiu Jitsu fundamentals to prepare them for self defense and competition.  The goal of our coaches is to create an inclusive and safe environment for the students to learn.

Ages 7-12

The kid’s class covers the beginner adult class curriculum in a more fun and kid friendly environment with a focus on defense and position. Your children will learn how to work together as a team, while developing themselves as individuals. They will build on their self-esteem and self-discipline while learning to respect themselves and others. We will also encourage your children to compete in local BJJ tournaments but it is not a requirement.

Women’s Only Class

This class is held specifically for women and led by our female coaches. We understand some women would like to train, but are not yet ready to train in the co-ed environment.  Fridays at 6:30 PM we open our doors to all of our Carlson Gracie women to train.

Competition Team

Competitions are a large part of the history which makes up the Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu heritage, and while it is not required, it is encouraged to participate. IBJJF, JJWL, NABJJF, NAGA and GRAPPLING X are some of the worldwide and local promotions we participate in.  Competition is a great way to test your skills, build confidence and experience the thrill of victory (or defeat). There are very few ways to mimic actual competition in training sessions, so we encourage all students to enter any competition at any level. Kids from the age of 4, to adults well into their 70s participate regularly and have done very well. If you have any interest of signing up to test your skill, our coaches are ready to help!