Carlson Gracie Wine Country is Co-Owned and Operated by Asa Russel, Gene Cook, Jr and Sal Spinelli


Gene, aka “BJJ Moses” is a C0- Owner/Black Belt Instructor.

Some of his accomplishments in the Masters Division include

11x IBJJF American Nationals Champion
3x IBJJF Pan Ams Champion
3x IBJJF No-Gi World Champion
5x NABJJF World Champion


Salvatore Spinelli is a Co-Owner/Instructor who enjoys helping students with self defense and competition training. Current rankings include:
– Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Carlson Gracie Jr and Professor Thomas Cronin.
– Black Sash instructor in Kai Sai Wing Chun and Chinese Boxing under Sifu Ken Mills of Chinese Boxing Institute International.
– Ranked Apprentice under Grandmaster / Guro Darryl Vidal in Vidal Stickfighting Filipino Martial Arts.
– Certified member  Triad Fighting Synthesis
– Certified member Filipino Combat Systems
– Chinese Boxing Institute Affiliate Instructor


Asa Russell

Professor Asa Russell is a Co-Owner/ Instructor and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt who is dedicated to teaching the skills and techniques that he has attained over the years.  He is a retired Marine, and due to his 25 years of service and changing duty stations, was fortunate to be a student of several diverse and distinguished Professors.  He was promoted to Blue Belt By Professor Vitor Ribeiro, Promoted to Purple Belt under the daily instruction of Professor Nicholas Walters by Professor Gustavo Machado, Promoted to Brown Belt and Black Belt under Professor Ricardo Guimaraes.

Professor Asa considers himself to be a student first and continually works to expand and improve his own technique and knowledge.  He is laser focused on providing quality fundamental instruction in a safe, positive and enriching atmosphere for his students, both adults and children.  Since he was a Blue Belt, Professor Asa has volunteered nearly as many hours as a coach for the kids classes as he has dedicated to learning the art himself.

Professor Asa is certain that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu possess the power to have a positive impact on the lives of everyone it touches.  His goal is to grow the local Jiu Jitsu community  in order to bring this positive lifestyle to people of all ages, of all skill levels and all back grounds in order to enrich their individual lives.